Fall 2013 Recap

I am humbled to be a part of piloting the Girls on Track program at Oak View Middle School in Alachua County this past season. Coaching and shaping the minds and spirits of these growing girls has been exhilarating!

The Girls on Track program promotes physical, emotional, social and intellectual development in 6th through 8th grade girls. The lessons and values embodied from the Girls on the Run program enrich their lives in striving to not live in the “girl box.”  Because this is an integral age of self-awareness, self-development, and self-confidence, we must ensure that their “self” is who they want to be.

Our twelve Girls on Track girls completed the 10-week program of 20 lessons, leaving them with a stronger sense of identity, greater self-confidence, a healthier body image and a better knowledge of what it means to be a member of a team and a community – all while incorporating running!Copy of GOT Group 2013 at RR

As a coach, I found it ironic that, after preparing for each of the lessons, these messages are just as applicable to myself as much as they are for the girls. They relate to girls, women, and everyone.  Just because we, as coaches, are adult women does not mean that we may forget to practice these ideals in our own life.

We learned that plugging in our “positive cord” is an important outlook on life, and I can tell you that, after spending two times a week for 10 weeks with 12 beautiful and strong girls, they have inspired me just as much as I have motivated them!

With the culmination of the program, ALL of the girls reached their goal – in the pouring rain – of running the Reindeer Run 5k of 3.1 miles! Each of the girls crossed the finish line with a beautiful smile of achievement and the shimmer of a golden reindeer medal hanging around their neck.

Deidre Dodd, Girls on Track Coach

Oak View Middle School, fall 2013