Why We Love GOTR

Why We Love GOTR

Yeah, we think GOTR is great. In fact, it’s an understatement to say WE LOVE GOTR! It might seem kind of self-absorbed for an organization to say it loves itself, but that’s not what we’re saying at all. In fact, not even close! See, Girls on the Run is much more than a bunch of people behind the scenes putting on a show.

We’re the parents who provide the means for our girls to participate.

We’re the grade-school girls who come out each week to learn how to grow stronger emotionally, mentally and physically, while nurturing bonds that will last a lifetime.

We’re the coaches (30 this season alone!) who dedicate our time, energy and love to the young lives being touched by the challenging, empowering curriculum.

We’re the dozens of volunteers, board members and staff who make our events, season, and program operate at a fantastic level.

We’re the business sponsors and individual donors who give our dollars and goods to make the program a reality.

This season, we will be shining the spotlight on all the reasons we love GOTR – It’s not because we’re so great (but hey… who are we kidding? We are!) We’re shining this light so we all can share the reasons we love GOTR – because, together, we are ALL Girls on the Run!

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