What’s In A Selfie?

I don’t know if the term “selfie” has infiltrated its way into your homes yet via your girls, but if it hasn’t, get ready. As the newest Dove Campaign showed,  selfies were used at a high school to showcase and start a dialogue on the notion of our beauty and how we see…ourselfies.

What does it mean to be “beautiful”? If you look to the Oxford Dictionary, it defines beauty as being, “A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleasures the aesthetic senses, especially sight.” If you look to television and the media, however, beauty is defined by societies standards–celebrities and models–that look nothing like the majority of us. So, our girls, and women, then think that the latter definition is right and strive for a false sense of perfection. What about the beautiful combinations of shapes, colors, and forms? I think that’s what we need to pay more attention to; the beauty in all of our unique qualities.

Girls on the Run strives to teach our girls about inner beauty and strength; to be joyful and healthy and confident. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the type of beautiful I want to be and it has nothing to do with how a person’s body looks.

As the Dove Campaign suggested, we define our beauty and should always strive to accept our imperfections because they make up who we are and our unique qualities. Furthermore, the very things we are most uncomfortable with seem to be the characteristics that other’s love about us.

So, take a ‘selfie’ of yourself and encourage your girls to do the same. Let’s all take the time to marvel at our beauty every once in a while and to appreciate all that we are on the inside and out. {Homework: Share your selfie with us on Instagram or Facebook with #gotracselfie}

*For a closer look at beauty and the power in selfies, feel free to visit my master’s project blog: http://www.pieceofcakepieceoffruit.com/

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