What Makes Me A Girl On The Run? Living Intentionally

As a new mom, I feel most of my days are spent just “flying by the seat of my pants.” It’s tough to plan around a six-month-old boy who naps sporadically and is fickle about meal times. I make errands, chores and work responsibilities fit anywhere I can. Hopefully it’s not permanent.

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While these day-to-day tasks are performed somewhat haphazardly, I still consider myself to be living with focused intention.

One of my favorite values we teach at Girls On The Run is to “Recognize our power and responsibility to be intentional in our decision making.” To me, this means living life with purpose and determination. Being intentional in my choices means the decisions I make are in line with my values, priorities and mission.

When I am intentional in my decision making, life is less chaotic.

As parents, it’s easy to get caught up in following the crowd; doing things because we think we should be doing them, not because we feel they are best for ourselves, our children or family. This can include anything from how much we as parents work or volunteer outside the home, to the volume or types of activities our children participate in, schools they attend or food they eat.

When we live this way, we have little margin in our lives; we’re pulled in multiple directions and life gets messy.

Living intentionally involves sacrifice. It sometimes means I turn down play dates, volunteer opportunities or even new clients depending on the timing and how it fits into weekly family time, bedtime or even mealtimes we’ve designated. We want our son to know that family comes first, so we live this way—intentionally. The list goes on.

Recognize my power and responsibility to be intentional in my decision making means saying “yes” to instilling the values into my son that I want him to embrace. It’s not all about saying “no.” It’s also important to accept that living intentionally looks different for every individual, and we all must accept that what others decide is best for their family.

Are you being intentional in your decision making? How can you recognize your power and responsibility in this area of your life? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Jennette Holzworth is a former GOTR Alachua County Coach and currently sits on the advisory board. She is wife to Ray, mom to Monta and an Advanced Level II Trainer at Gainesville Health & Fitness. She enjoys weight lifting, sailing and long walks with her two favorite boys, just to name a few.