What make me a GIRL on the RUN? Believing

Some call it optimism or having a positive outlook, but waking up everyday to the belief that it is a new day full of opportunity gives me hope. Part of the Girls on the Run mission statement includes being joyful and optimistic. For me, the act of believing makes me happy and fulfilled. It’s not always easy to believe or have hope. Sometimes it’s there naturally and sometimes it is a mantra I am repeating in my head in order to move forward.

Some things are easy to believe in. I always believe my family is there to love and support me and I am there for them too.  It’s unconditional and I feel blessed to have that. Just the act of expressing gratitude for this belief makes me feel joyful and optimistic.

Other things are not so easy and take some conscious rousing belief. Our children’s, spouses’, or friends’ ability to achieve something or perform in a way we would like them to can be a test. Sometimes we simply must believe in them and let them take care of the rest. When they do accomplish what they want and on their own accord, we can truly celebrate with them. There’s the joyful part. Believing in ourselves also takes conscious effort. It is easy to be afraid of failure or disappointing ourselves or others. That’s when believing (mantra in my head time) in ourselves is the only thing that will propel us forward. We may succeed or fail but at least we were optimistic enough to believe in ourselves and never have to wonder “what if?”.

The most difficult kind of belief is when you have the odds stacked so high against what you want and you feel there is so much to lose. These are the the most unfair of life’s moments and the true test of a believer.  A true believer will find the positive, the good, or the silver lining no matter the outcome because it is OK to believe even if you don’t get what you desire.

As a coach for Girls on the Run, I believe in every girl who joins our team. This is communicated to them at every meeting and with every interaction. Some girls grab that message and become a girl on the run immediately. There are some girls that I’m not so sure they have grasped the message even by the end of our session. I believe in them though and I think they believe a little more in themselves too.