What if your daughters did THIS to your house?

We live in a world where girls are inundated with ads and images of what a girl and woman should be. While some seem less dangerous than others (for example, frilly tu-tu’s may not be as scary as too-skinny models) the message is clear: girls are still today put into a box and given a glass ceiling of achievement for what their dreams can become. Dolls and tea parties aren’t the enemy, and it’s completely okay if that’s what your daughter enjoys. But, it doesn’t have to be the only thing she enjoys.

GoldieBlox is working to change the stereotype that smart is boring. Check out his awesome video and see what a little innovation and outside the box thinking could do for your daughter. Let’s discuss: what would YOU do if your daughter turned your house into this?


For a behind-the-scenes peek, check out this video, too.