Week 9 Lessons: Practice 5k!

Last week, we discussed what a bully is and how to respond to them. The second lesson was on the topic of friends and what the girls look for, such as characteristics, when choosing their own friends. I was impressed by the girls, as always, because each week they blow me away by how smart and mature they can be in their responses. They’re like little ladies and are already two steps ahead. So bravo, parents! You are raising bright, kind, and adjusted girls!

In two weeks, after everyone returns from spring break, things will be a little different because we will have our practice 5k! There won’t be any particular topics and/or lessons, but we will try to make the practice run fun and as motivating as possible. There should be music, great snacks, and lots of water to go around to ensure the girls feel good and hydrated before and after the practice 5k.

The second day of practice we will discuss how everyone is feeling and what they thought about the practice 5k. The girls might be a little sore, which is to be expected, so the second practice will be something fun and off the beaten path, so to speak, and the girls can decide as a group what they want to do–they get to call the shots for a day!

We’re all looking forward to a more relaxed week and it will fit in perfectly since your girls will just be getting back from spring break. If they can find a way to get moving while they’re on break, that would be great! Just something to give their muscles a reminder that they are strong, capable Girls on the Run!

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful break!

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