Week 7 Lessons: Bullying and Choosing Friends

The month of March is flying by, which means we’re getting that much closer to our 5k on April 11! Are your girls getting excited and feeling pumped about running with their friends in a few more weeks? I know we are!

As we near the end of the program curriculum, we will be discussing with the girls the topics of bullying, choosing friends, the power of community and a good support system, to name a few. Start talking with your children about a few of these topics, specifically bullying since we will be discussing that next week, and the way to handle bullies and how to recognize what true bullying is and how to respond. Today, the term “bully” can be loosely tossed around and has such a negative and detrimental connotation, so it’s imperative we teach the girls what is really means.

Cheers to a great weekend and up-and-coming week!

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