Week 5 Lessons: Body Image & Cooperation

This week we discussed the importance of always trying to show gratitude in situations that may arise in life. We also mediated and enjoyed a silent run to show the girls it’s necessary to take time for yourself to reflect and think without any distractions. Running can be a source of confidence and a time to heal and think if/when we allow for it to happen; the girls seemed to realize this from our lessons and discussions.

Next week we will focus on the importance of a positive body image. We will explore the definition of “beauty” and how the girls define beauty within themselves as well as others. Ultimately, we want the girls to be reinforced with the notion that the only definition of beauty that truly matters is the one we personally use to describe who we are as individuals.

The second lesson for the week aims to teach cooperation and ways to help the girls become more cooperative as  friends, classmates, teammates, etc. Some of these lessons seem complicated and abstract, but once we begin a dialogue with the girls it’s always eye-opening to hear how aware they are and willing to do the necessary things to enhance their greatness and individual strength. We have some tough, open-minded, and intelligent young ladies among us!

Get your girls to start thinking about cooperation and body image, so they are more comfortable and prepared for what next week has to offer. We know these lessons will make a huge impact and we’re ready to see the good work your girls are going to continue to do.

Have a great week!

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