The Importance of Friendships

The Importance of Friendships

SoleMateStephanie“Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that.”

― Ally Condie, Matched

I started this post thinking that I was going to write all about my training and how excited I am about my race. While I’ll cover those topics, I wanted to write a little bit about what inspires me sometimes on the days when I’m nervous about running a half marathon, or I just really want to sleep in that extra hour instead of going to the gym for a workout. What truly inspires me are the women that I have come to love and admire in my life and that have become friends, but more importantly they have become like a second family.

Lately, I have been so busy with my training, work, volunteering, and school that I haven’t always been extremely motivated to stick with everything. One of the best motivators has been having a group of women in my life who are strong, intelligent, confident, and beautiful inside and out. They are mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. All of them have been with me as I’ve grown into who I am. Some of my best memories are with these women! I know that no matter what, we can be far away and busy with our own lives, but our friendship will always be there..solematesteph

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how important it is that I surround myself with positive thinking women. All of the women I’ve mentioned build one another up. It’s been mentioned so many times how women can tear one another down. It is so important to find true friends who won’t do this. Instead, they will help you grow into a better version of yourself.

When I started training for my half marathon, I wasn’t running the race with anyone. I had registered for the race without talking to anyone about it. I was really excited when one of my best friends decided to run the race with me! It’s been a great motivator to stick with my training schedule! Even more than finishing the race, I am beyond excited that I get to spend the weekend with my friend and her beautiful family!

What I’ve learned, is that more than anything, I hope and pray that every woman has a friend, or group of friends, that build her up. Girls on the Run, in my mind, is creating a generation of women that will do this. They’ll believe in themselves and one another. They’ll motivate each other to follow their dreams and live healthy and happy lives. That’s what all of these women have done for me, and I am grateful for every memory I have or will have with them.

When I wrote this there were only 10 days left until the Lake Nona Half Marathon, and I was already beginning to experience the pre-race jitters. I had one more long run, and then it was time to relax, stretch, and do a couple of short and easy runs before the race.  Now, the race is right around the corner, just two days away!  This Sunday, October 26, 2014 I will run 13.1 miles through Orlando, Florida to complete my 2nd half marathon.  I am grateful to everyone who has supported me in training for this race, and I can’t wait to get to Orlando for a fun and intense weekend! Happy Fall!!

<3 Stephenie


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