The "Girl Box" Concept

Our founder with some past participantsThe “Girl Box” is a place where girls are valued more for their outward appearance than their character inside. This often results in low self-esteem and a distorted body image (which can lead to eating disorders, teen pregnancy and substance abuse). Girls on the Run® focuses on educating third through eighth grade girls on developing a healthy self-image and discovering a life that is free of the girl box where they can say, “I belong just the way I am.”

As a woman it is tough to stay outside of the “Girl Box” due to all of the societal pressures to look a certain way in order to be accepted.  For more information on how Girls On the Run International was founded and on how founder Molly Barker came up with the “Girl Box” concept, visit  You can read her blog, bio, and check out her books for parents and young girls.  Until next time, feel free to comment on this topic and join our journey to stay outside of the “Girl Box”!


  1. As a 37 year woman, mother of two and wife I still go in and out of the “girl box”. It’s one the hardest things for me to deal with personally knowing that my 10 year old daughter is watching every move I make. I know if I stay true to myself that is the only that will help keep me out of the “girl box” and grounded. My self worth is not based on what others think of me–it’s based on my own beliefs and values! Tough to do but truly possible. I love GOTR!