Thank you, Dads

P&G “Thank you, Mom” Commercial

A couple weeks ago I started seeing the above commercial for the up-and-coming Winter Olympic Games being held in Sochi, Russia. As usual, Proctor & Gamble had yet another commercial, similar to the one broadcasted during the London Olympics in 2012, praising mothers for all their sacrifice in support of their children’s [Olympic] dreams. The commercial was a “thank you” to all the moms out there who laboriously assist their children on the road to making their dreams come true.  Naturally, I had an emotional connection to it as an ex collegiate athlete, woman, and believer in the power of athletics. I understood the objective behind the commercial and what it was trying, and doing a great job, of accomplishing. But, after it ended and my watery eyes dissipated, I was left with wondering…”what about the dads”?

We often times forget, or fail to acknowledge, the dads who are also working just as hard to aid their children in being successful at sports or whatever they choose to do. So, as an organization that encourages and helps teach young girls to be strong and power and confident and healthy, I saw the importance in writing our first blog post of the new year surrounding the men: dads, grandfathers, uncles, who also help equip our girls with the tools to be all the characteristics listed above.

To help kick start some daddy-daughter bonding this year, we thought of some fun activities our male counterparts can do with their kids:

  • Training buddy/running mate
  • Homework helper
  • Lunch/dinner date with just the two of you
  • Movie date
  • Cooking favorite snacks and/or meals


This is our “thank you” to you, dads. We appreciate the moms, but we also appreciate you just as much.



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