“Savonia was positively impacted by Girls on the Run this season.  There were many times she felt discouraged, and didn’t want to run because she wasn’t doing as well as her peers.  It was hard for her to keep motivated in our workouts, but she did great in the lessons.  I feel like all of our girls gained a lot from Girls on the Run, especially Savonia because she was at a place where she felt safe and could be open and work up a goal without the fear of being judged or laughed at for her weight.  Savonia really grasped our lessons and I feel like she gained confidence and improved her self esteem throughout the season.  Completing a 5K definitely helped with that and I am so glad she decided to keep with the program and do Girls on the Run.”

GOTR Coach, Grace Rodgers

“I would have to say Lydia was positively impacted by GOTR. She was pretty negative about the program and the purpose of it at the beginning of the season. She would come out with a negative attitude and frequently chose to walk during the running exercises even though she was capable of running. However, as the program progressed, we saw a complete change in her. Her outlook slowly started changing. She started running with some of the other girls instead of slowly walking with her head down as she typically did. We noticed the most positive change in her at the practice 5K where she ran the entire thing and was positive and eager to participate. She was also very involved with the brainstorming for the community project when it came time. When we worked on the community project, she helped all the girls make paper flowers. I really think GOTR impacted her in a great way. By the end of the season, she was a significantly more positive girl.”

GOTR Coach, Erica Gomer

“I love that the character building lessons are cleverly woven into the program so the girls don’t feel like they are preached to and they learn while having fun.”

GOTR Parent

‎”What I like about the program is that running is no longer an individual sport for the girls.”

GOTR Parent

“I want you to know that you all have truly touched my daughter’s heart. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. This year has been very difficult socially for her. I think through the program she has developed better coping skills. Thank you so much you are doing a great job!”

GOTR Parent