Plugging into the Girls On The Run Cord

We like to teach our girls that we all have a bright light that rests just on the inside of our bodies.  This light is so bright and when we are feeling good about ourselves it shines through us and all that we do for the world.  This light also makes each of us special, unique, and beautiful on the inside.

We also like them to visualize a large socket at the top of their head with a long cord going into that socket.  All of the negative messages that we hear or think to ourselves can make this cord really dirty and stop your light from shining through.  Some of these message might be about not being pretty, popular, or athletic enough and they flow through our body and cause us to feel badly about ourselves.  They end up putting out the bright light that is within each of us causing low confidence and a lack of interest in fun or new activities.

Our girls learn to take this cord, unplug it, throw it onto the ground, and plug into the Girls on the Run Cord!  This cord is a clean, glittery, and bright cord that helps us stand tall and believe in ourselves.  Most importantly it allows us to realize that we are amazing just the way we are!

Young girls, and even boys, are often exposed to negative messages by society, media, family, and friends.  It is our job to make sure that we help each girl learn how to plug into this more positive life line.  We can’t control everything that happens to our special girls outside of our program but we can certainly expose them to their full potential through character lessons and physical activity.  This lesson is also important for adults because we are also exposed to negative messages in our daily lives.  Use this as a reminder to help your children plug into the Girls on the Run Cord and don’t forget to plug into your potential as well!