Girls on Track

GOTRAC is excited to announce its inaugural Girls on Track season this Fall at Oak View Middle School.

Fall 2013: Girls on Track – Register Now!

What is Girls on Track?  The Girls on Track program is an extension of the Girls on the Run program, focusing instead on girls in 6th – 8th grade.  The framework of the program is the same, but the curriculum addresses the specific challenges girls go through in middle school.   GOTR International has been providing this program nationwide and we are proud to bring this worthwhile program to our local community.  Read the excerpt below to get a better understanding of the program.


Today’s middle-school girls face many challenges and obstacles that can affect their emotional and physical well-being. The Girls on Track curriculum is designed to address these challenges by empowering them to make thoughtful and healthy decisions. Like Girls on the Run, the Girls on Track curriculum is delivered over the course of 10 to 12 weeks and addresses the societal, mental and emotional challenges particular to their age…

The curriculum allows for more mature processing around certain topics including eating disorders, internet safety, relationships, cyber-bullying and tobacco and alcohol use. The girls discuss these subjects on an in-depth level and use their personal experiences to shape thought-provoking discussion. The Girls on Track curriculum provides girls with the skills to shut out the noise of the external world that is attempting to limit who she is and to instead listen to her individual truth – the one that will lead her toward an enriching and contented life.