Our Spring 5k Was A Success!

Our Spring 5k Was A Success!


We want to personally take the time to say “Thank you” to everyone who made our spring 5k fun and run (no pun intended) so smoothly. To all of our lovely coaches, parents, friends, supporters, and last but not least, our wonderfully strong Girls on the Run. It is very apparent that GOTR of Alachua has lots of support; and the donors presence felt at Jonesville Park made it evident.

Our girls trained hard, mentally and physically, for the 5k and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results, sportsmanship, and cheers everyone received. Each girl finished her race and had the encouragement of running buddies and teammates to push them to the finish line–we could not have asked for a better group!


If you are anxious to get your GOTR registered for the fall, or to see if your school/site will be offering it next season, please keep visiting our website, http://alachuagotr.org/, for more information to come.



To enjoy more photos from the race, click here. To view results/times, click here


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