Week 2: Emotional & Physical Well Being

This week, we discussed with the girls the numerous ways we can be positive as Girls on the Run. We also did running activities that explained the differences between positive and negative self-talk and why the former is much more beneficial for ourselves and others. Ask your “energetic,” “vibrant,” and “kind” girls the adjectives we [the coaches] used to describe them at practice this week, and I know that their faces will light up. It made me feel so wonderful to be able to engage with your girls on the importance of positive self-talk and in return I learned just as much from them.

Next week, our curriculum will based on what it takes to maintain a health mind & body in terms of our emotional and physical well-being. We’ll discuss:

1.The importance of health nutrition, habits, and regular physical activity.

2.To explore the concept of maintaining balance in our lives

3. Learning the importance of “pacing” when we run.

4. Ways to explore uncomfortable emotions, such as anger, sorrow, and frustration.

5. The importance of identifying our emotions and dealing with them.

I’m excited to see where the lessons take us next week and how they’ll impact the girls. In your spare time, while riding in the car with your girls, or baking Valentine’s Day treats, bring up some of these topics to get them thinking and feeling a bit more comfortable talking about these subjects in preparation for next week.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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