National Bullying Prevention Month

National Bullying Prevention Month

blog“People that feel alone or feel they are outcasts, kids that feel bullied or lost, remember that you have a voice and that you should use that voice to survive and persevere” – Christina Alguilera

October is National Bullying Prevention Month so it only seemed fitting for my first blog as the new GOTRAC intern to be talking about the amazing things we are doing to prevent bullying ! It’s very important that we educate today’s youth about what bullying is because sometimes kids don’t even realize that they are bullying one another. There are many amazing campaigns out there which are taking the initiative to educate young girls about the dangers of bullying. Many begin by explaining that there are three types of bullying: physical, emotional, and verbal. They also include tips that help girls identify when bullying is happening and they provide ideas/suggestions for what to do when girls witness bullying.

One amazing campaign that is currently going on is Secret’s Mean Stinks campaign. They’ve created a huge campaign to teach girls about the issue of bullying. They’ve also started an activity that is currently sweeping the nation. The idea is to have people make a pinky promise to take a stand against bullying. Young girls are encouraged to make a pinky promise to take a stand against bullying and then to paint their pinky nails blue to seal the deal. Locally, our girls are participating in the pinky promise against bullying. Attached is a picture of the girls from Archer Elementary making their pinky promise to take a stand against bullying!

Another amazing thing that has come out of Secret’s Mean Stinks concept is their new Chain of Nice Campaign. Secret is challenging their fans and supporters to create a 15 second long Instagram video in which they tag a friend (or few) and share something nice about them and inspiring them to spread the nice by doing the same thing on their own Instagram account. I will be participating in the Chain of Nice campaign so be on the look out for the link to my video! 🙂

– Rebekah M. <3

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