Love Note to my Nose

SGT-ProfilePic-2501-150x150Dear Nose,
When I was a teenager, I learned that noses that were too big, too flat or crooked were not pretty. I examined my nose often, and I thought it was just right – not too big, too flat or too crooked. People used to comment how I looked like my Dad and Grandmother because of my nose. I thought my Dad and Grandmother had wonderful looks, so I was proud of you.
When I reached my 30s, a friend of mine joked with me about my nose saying it was spread out and flat when I laughed or smiled. She didn’t mean any harm by this. We were in a crazy mood and saying crazy, funny stuff. But from that day forward you looked different! I couldn’t believe it. How did you change without me noticing? You were not small and perfect. You were flat and spread out. I was devastated. Every time I saw myself smile, I hated you!


I am 48 years old today, and I have not yet performed surgery on you. Nor will I ever. I have grown to love you. I am sorry for not loving you always. You are a great nose, and I love you because


  • You look like the nose on my Dad and Grandmother’s face, two people I love very much.
  • Many people on this Earth have flat, spread out noses – I am in good company!
  • You remind me of the fun time I had with my friend when we were joking about you. I love her a lot and cherish all my memories with her.
  • You allow my face to have originality. I love original looks, personalities and spirits.
  • You have helped me actively “do the work” of body acceptance. Thank you for being a great teacher.



Your Face and Body


Stephanie G Travis is a board member of GOTRAC


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