Love Letter To My Thighs

Love Letter To My Thighs


Dear Thighs,

I know you are strong for supporting 140 pounds of my frame, carrying me for four years around rubber-made surfaces, and ensuring my jeans never fit just right, but now that little bit of you that sits right below my bum seems tired and bored.

I know you were used to two workouts a day, constant squats, and bonds, so I’m sorry to let you down, thighs–my calling isn’t making you “perfect” anymore. Instead, I have cheated on you to make my mind expand and now hold it to a higher esteem because brain power is just as good, just as beneficial as you are.

Now, when I need a break from the mundane, I will take you for a jog around town, give you the attention you deserve, and I feel you tighten up in appreciation–when you’re strong so am I. If you think I’ve let you down, just recall how you supported those little girls at practice as they jumped on my back–you helped hold them up. Recall the power you gave me in my stride when I finished a race, or a sprint in the game tag–it was you who held the power.

So, Thighs, please don’t droop in dissatisfaction anymore, or become wrinkly in your ways, because I still see and know your strength when I walk past the hallway mirror, before I take a shower, and when I’m lacing up my shoes for another race with you.

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