Love Letter To My Caboose

Love Letter To My Caboose

photoDear Caboose,

I’ve despised you since you showed up at the age of twelve, and I want to apologize. It took many years of mocking and torture on your behalf before I could see the value you add to my being.

See, few – if any – of the models in the magazine and the beauties in the movies sport the rear I do. For years, you were a source of pain as I tirelessly, and unsuccessfully, sought the perfect pair of pants and proper length shirt to try to shrink what you grew to be. See, “skinny is pretty,” and the curves you have graced me with don’t fit into that mold. Yes, you caused a great deal of pain that can’t adequately be expressed in this letter, but I want to apologize for years of disregarding your worth. What I know now is the strength and speed about myself I love comes from you. In case you don’t know, the glute muscles are among the largest and most powerful of the body, so the squats and deadlifts and sprints I love to do are powered by your size. And would you guess that curves are so in right now? It turns out the friends and family (and bullies) who mocked my shape have later admitted they wish they had the definition with which you have blessed me. My husband doesn’t think you’re that bad, either. Major sporting brands actually search for women who have what you have given me.

Turns out thanks to you I’m pretty hip. (Pun intended!) Sure, I spend months searching for the right pair of jeans that can actually fit both hip and waist, and there are women who mock me even as I approach 30, but if that’s a necessary trade-off for the signature stamp that follows me (literally) I’ll take it. Because of you, I am unique and individually beautiful. I have the fibers to grow stronger and faster and excel at the things I love, and while that may not always fit into the “look” I want, I’m learning that it isn’t looks that makes a person, but the heart within. Thank you for teaching me the value in being different, in being confident and in being strong. You’ve certainly endured your share of verbal torture as we stand together in front of the mirror, and I appreciate so much you sticking around. Here’s to another many decades of growth and strength to us both!


With love,


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