How You Can Use Comparison, Instead of Letting It Abuse You

NahaMarathon3-150x150Our very own Program Director Amy D. Hester recently published golden words of wisdom at – it was so good we couldn’t help but share! Hoping it encourages you as much as it encouraged us. -Girls On The Run of Alachua County Board

After reading a Facebook status you berate yourself because your friend’s twenty-month-old potty trained herself, while you sent extra clothes to school with your child until he was six, just in case. And due to a Tweet you saw, you’re eating celery and carrot sticks for lunch because your friend lost two pounds this week and you’ve been on a plateau for almost a month. When we are all constantly connected by social media, it is difficult to not compare ourselves to others.

We’ve all seen the meme, and I guarantee that it’s true – you will never be satisfied with your life when you are comparing it to someone else’s highlight reel. When we compare our everyday life to the polished highlights that people are willing to share with the world, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. The key to keeping our sanity and loving the lives we lead depends on the comparisons we allow ourselves to make.

Nobody Really Looks as Good as Their Facebook. Keep reading more.

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