Girls on the Run Cord

Last week while at practice, the other coaches and I began sharing our lesson for that particular day. We all sat around in a circle and started to talk about the topic, but before we were even two minutes into the discussion, one of the girls shouted, “We forgot to plug in!”

The Girls on the Run cord isn’t tangible. You can’t touch it, or show it off, but each girl knows it’s there, and clearly understands the importance of it, because of what it represents and by what it delivers. Every day we’re faced with the decision to either allow negative self-talk to infiltrate our minds and break down our self-esteem, or we can remove, unplug, the bad and replace it with a new cord. One that helps us shine brighter and reestablishes the positive self-talk that we have maybe been neglecting.

We want to always be reminded of Girls on the Run cord, and to remember to “plug in” to help rid us of all the negativity we began to carry around all day–after a while it all becomes too heavy and wears us down.

So, before we began each day, let’s remember to plug in. It’s okay if we have to do this multiple times a day in order to replace the cord that has become cluttered with the bad. A conscious decision to keep improving ourselves and to rid our minds of the junk we accumulate is what the cord is all about. Let your goodness and light shine through. Let other’s see how incredibly special and bright your sparkle really is and remember to never let it get too dim.

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