Dad & Daughter Running Duo

Dad & Daughter Running Duo

IMG_1676Nooriel Nolan and her father Steve Nolan have become the first father-daughter SoleMates team!
Below they describe in their own words why they are passionate about running for Girls on the Run.

Steve (age 63):

I have a lifetime (50 years) love of running– it is my weight control , stress control, mood elevator , and morning meditation — at some point along the way my oldest daughter decided to follow in my footsteps and started running– she seemed to have a natural affinity for it at an early age– and I immediately saw how it gave her joy, a sense of accomplishment and a sense of bonding with her dad– we have shared that bond ever since — and we both enjoy passing that sense of joy and well-being to others! It is a healthy lifestyle that lends itself to welcoming others, encouraging others and bonding with others that becomes a basic social bond and subtle pleasure in a world of constant distractions and frequent stress. Girls on the Run is symbolic of the individual trying to outrun the limitations that society places upon us, whether it be gender, race, culture or religious affiliation — we can always outrun the limitations of “past thinking.”

Nooriel (age 33):

Running has always been an important part of my life.  As a young child, I used to ride my bike alongside my Dad as he went for his Saturday runs.  At the age of 8, I ran my first 5K race. By age 13 I was hooked, and running became part of my weekly routine. Encouraged by my parents, I would jog a couple times per week.  My father always seemed so excited by my progress, and by this mutual passion.  He made it a ritual to run his first mile or two with me before going off on his own, faster pace.   That father-daughter running bond lasted over the years, and we became running buddies.  Even as I transitioned into college, I cherished the few times per year we would run together.  This is one of the many ways my father showed me how important I was to him, how much he believed in me, and that I could accomplish anything.  It seemed logical that we would bond together to become SoleMates to help other girls realize this too.


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