Choosing To Be A Girl On The Run

Choosing To Be A Girl On The Run

Last week, our curriculum covered team-building activities that helped introduce the girls and coaches. Everyone gathered around in a circle and participated in sharing their name and one adjective that described themselves. Everyone then took turns writing each team member’s name on name tags and we played a fun running game that involved matching each name tag to the correct person. The girls seemed to really enjoy the chance to run around without having to focus and think, “I’m working out,” and it took the pressure off the running–the part of the program a few were nervous about. Ultimately, many of the girls had memorized each other’s names in less than an hour and were able to name everyone in the entire group! Our girls sure are smart, friendly, and fun. We also focused on “plugging in” and the ways visualization and imagination can improve the way we do things. It also can help us achieve what we never thought we could, or things we were simply hesitant about initially.

This week’s curriculum for the girls will focus on accountability and ways to keep not only ourselves accountable, but our teammates and friends as well. The learning goals for this week are:

1.To choose attitudes and actions that will help our GOTR team’s work well together.

2. Explore the importance of holding ourselves and our teammates accountable to these choices.

3. Increase awareness around the concept of “living with intention,” or in other words, to live purposefully.

To help prepare, your girl(s) can start brainstorming what they think it means to be accountable for the people we care about and what it means to be a Girl on the Run.

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