What Makes Me A Girl On The Run? Goal Setting

What Makes me a Girl on the Run?

Often times my days feel like I am on the run from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm.  Even though this is taking the above statement literally, it does describe why and how I fit into the Girls on the Run program.  I choose to fill my days with activity.  That activity includes family time, work, volunteering, exercising and accomplishing all the tasks life requires.  I enjoy setting goals in each of these activities and then working hard to accomplish those goals.

Setting goals in my life, whether small or big, keeps me motivated to accomplish tasks, achieve success and excel at life.  Goal setting is important in all aspects of life.  It is easy to get too comfortable and then one day realize you have been running the same three mile track for a year, or you have been working on the same project spreadsheet at work for over a month.

I set goals all the time, even small ones.  The small goals keep me working towards the larger goals I have set.  I find it hard to set and accomplish big goals if I do not have intermediate, smaller goals set along the way.  The year I ran my first marathon I did not just set a six month goal to train and run a marathon.  I also set smaller goals every month to keep me on track to accomplishing a marathon.  Without those monthly mileage goals, I would never been able to run the 26.2 distance needed to finish the marathon.

I use this same methodology at work, in my role as a volunteer with Girls on the Run and at home with my family.  Not only does it keep me running all day long, it also keeps me on track and ensures that I will achieve success in whatever I decide to do.

Erica Johnson is a part-time lawyer in Gainesville.  She has a great husband, two super kids and two loving dogs.  She enjoys exercising, watching both her children play soccer, and reading.  Her favorite food is popcorn, she loves the color green and likes to hike in all kinds of vistas.  Her biggest wish is for her children to achieve success in life in whatever they love to do.